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4. What application do you plan to use or your stained glass?
MOUNTING OPTIONS (Please choose one)

(Minimal install) I plan to put the stained glass into an existing window frame where there is currently glass. I would like to leave in place. I would just like the stained glass panel sent to me so I could simply set it next to my existing glass.

(Replacing your existing glass unit but not your whole frame)
I would like my stained glass panel insulated in between two pieces of clear tempered glass and sent to me as one unit for easy installation within my opening or frame.


(For Hanging)
I would like the stained glass panel by itself with hooks for easy hanging.

(For Hanging)
I would like a 1”3/8 decorative hard oak wood frame on my window which is appropriate for adding hooks and hanging. (This is not an installation grade wood frame.)

5. If you would like us to call you please fill in your number below including your area code.

General Questions:

1. What are some different applications for your stained glass?
Our stained glass panels are incredibly versatile and can be applied to the interior or exterior of your home in a variety of places. Front doors, Sidelights, Transoms, Room dividers, Kitchen cabinets inserts. Where ever you need beautiful glass.

2. How & where do you ship stained glass windows.
We ship using UPS or motor freight. US only

3. Can you make a stained glass window according to my specific needs, such as size, shape, or pattern?
Yes, we can make you a completely original window according to your needs, or we can alter one of the patters displayed on our website to meet your specific size and color needs. YOUR IMAGINATION IS THE LIMIT!

4. How long do custom orders usually take to create and ship?
Most jobs are completed within 4 weeks. Large windows or orders for multiple windows may take slightly longer.

5. How much do you charge per square foot, on average?
We generally charge for $100 to $125 for each square foot of glass within your window. Windows that are less than 4 square will cost slightly more. Also, very intricate patterns may cost slightly more and will be quoted on a job by job basis. Patterns with beveded glass is $135 a square foot.

6. How do I receive a FREE QUOTE for my particular project?

Simply click FREE QUOTES and fill out this short and easy form.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Checks and money orders. We also accept PayPal payments.
(Please see our payment policy or e-mail for more information about payments.)

8. How do I measure my existing window, door, cabinet, etc. for the stained glass window or insert I will be purchasing?
When measuring a traditional square or rectangular window, please keep in mind that all window frames are not perfectly straight even though they appear to be. It is necessary to measure the window frame from at least two different places from the horizontal and vertical positions, to check for variations in the measurements.
When measuring traditional square or rectangular shaped windows, simply use a measuring tape to obtain the accurate measurements needed. Since most people set the stained glass pane next to their existing windows, it is necessary to leave a little room for play.
For example, for a 30” x 30” glass opening, the stained glass should be made to order at 29.5” x 29.5” and NOT the exact size of the opening. Once the window is in place within your frame, any gaps around the perimeter will cover easily by wood trim or molding.
To make a custom-sized stained glass window we will need a paper template to ensure the window will fit correctly when you receive it. To make a template, use a piece of card board, or even newspaper to get the accurate measurement for your odd shaped window. Once again, please be sure to leave a ¼” gap on all sides of your opening.

9. Where can I see a palate of colors from which to choose
Click here to see all the colors available.

10. What are my camming options & cost for my window?
Camming is the lines/channels that hold your window together.
Camming options:
*Black foil
This is also called the “Tiffany” construction method & is our most popular choice. The option allows for sleeker lead lines and enables us to design patterns with more detail without the wider lead line dominating the design.
*Lead came ($10 additional a square foot.)
*Bras came ($20 additional per square foot.)


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